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Hello! I’m Alistair Richardson

I specialise in helping people overcome the effects of trauma, childhood trauma, co-dependency, all addictions, sex and love addiction, love addiction/love avoidance, spiritual blocks and in helping people to achieve success in their lives. I combine traditional approaches with energy psychology and spiritual methods to be more effective. Some of my qualifications and trainings are an MSc in Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy, Post induction Therapy,(Pia Mellody’s model from the Meadows for healing and resolving developmental and childhood trauma) EFT Trainer level and Energy EFT Master practitioner (tapping/acupressure to release limiting beliefs and emotions), Matrix Re-imprinting,(EFT with inner-child work along with Law of Attraction), Attunement,(spiritual healing practice to connect with and embody your radiant Spiritual Self) Sparkle to Success,(energy clearing to heal trauma and raise your vibration,)and Reiki Master/ Teacher.


Addiction can be to a chemical (e.g. alcohol/drugs) or to a behaviour or process (e.g. sex, shopping, gambling, helping controlling others...

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Love Addiction/ Love Avoidance

Love Addiction/ Love Avoidance

For people who keep having dysfyunctional and addictive relationships , often Love addiction and/or Love Avoidance are the problem. Love Addiction...

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A dysfunctional relationship with self and others caused by childhood trauma. (Pia Mellody) If a child suffers significant trauma or abuse growing...

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Post traumatic stress disorder, Complex PTSD, childhood trauma, developmental trauma, relational trauma are all in the continuum of trauma that I...

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My Training

Reiki Master and Diploma in Vibrational Medicine.
EFT Practitioner and Counselling training.
Working as an individual and group addiction therapist.
MSc in Addiction Counselling and Psychology.
Post Induction Therapy for childhood trauma then Matrix Re-Imprinting.

what i treat


  • Addictions
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
  • Co-dependency
  • Relationships Issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Self Esteem Problems
  • Blocks to Success
  • Anger Management
  • Love Addiction/Love Avoidance
  • Spiritual Blocks

Where I Treat


I work at 1 Harley Street, W1G 9QD every Friday from 9am until late, my office is situated in the heart of London’s West End, only two minutes’ walk away from Oxford Circus tube next to Cavendish Square.


I work in North London between Arnos Grove and Southgate tube at North London Business Park. This is just off Oakleigh Road, W11 1NP. I charge slightly less for clients who see me in my North London office. I work from 2pm until late.


I have a clinic on the Kent Coast at the Centre, Bakery Mews, Theatre Street, Hythe, Kent CT21 5LD. I work from 930am until late. I charge much reduced rates compared to my London prices.

Skype and Zoom:

I often work online too which suits some people and can be just as effective as face to face sessions in many cases.

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Bespoke at home also available
Creating Fast & Lasting Change


Post Induction Therapy

Post Induction Therapy

Pioneered by Pia Mellody and used in the world famous ‘Meadows’ treatment centre in Arizona this is the therapy received in ‘Survivors’ Workshops...

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EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping

A system like emotional acupuncture – without needles which you can easily learn to do on yourself. It is very effective for a huge range of...

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Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting

A new development from EFT that uses inner child/parts work and schema type therapy along with tapping to heal and clear traumatic memories and...

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Addiction Counselling

Addiction Counselling

I have worked for 15 years as a specialist addiction professional in private rehab centres, as a live in therapist and in private practice...

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An energy process helping you come into harmony with the radiant love at the core of your being. Healing is a welcome side effect!

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Training For Fast & Lasting Change



Having just completed Hilary and Alistair's trauma workshop I feel compelled to give some feedback. This was the most incredible experience I have ever had... Hilary and Alistair have enabled me to revisit and start to heal some deep childhood trauma. I can honestly say that this was the best thing I have ever done for myself and the wisdom, capability and safety given to me by Hilary and Alistair has enabled me to see that there is a path to recovery from my trauma. Thank you so much to you both, you have a very special place in my heart for helping with this experience.

Melanie Curtis

I met Alistair a couple of months into my recovery when I took part in a week long ‘trauma reduction’ programme at the rehab that I had been to. Then about 2 years into my sobriety I was looking for a 1:1 therapist to help me develop my recovery and work on things in addition to my 12 step fellowship programme. Alistair was an obvious choice to me.

At the time my particular concerns were anxiety and relationship processes which I had by then learnt were linked (if not totally caused by) childhood issues. At that time I found myself left with learned patterns/ behaviours and trauma reactions that I could see no way of overcoming.

On starting my work with Alistair I felt instantly that I was in a safe pair of hands. I had it on very good authority from trusted senior therapists at the Priory that Alistair was good but working with him has exceeded my expectations. He has a wide range of different solutions to use in his work with me. The result is that I never feel like I will have a problem that he can’t help with. I feel very safe with him and comfortable that he will come up with a method or solution to help me. This varies from practical ideas to a more esoteric, spiritual based approach. Anyone in recovery will understand the importance of a spiritual basis of living and my experience of this has developed with Alistair. Intuitive healing couple with more utilitarian practices has been Alistair’s style with me and it works.

It has enabled me to heal parts of me that I didn’t even realised were damaged and that I was even less aware could be fixed. I have unhesitatingly referred friends to Alistair and have seen the success and happiness they have enjoyed from working with him too.

I’d summarise Alistair as a one stop shop for all emotional, mental and spiritual problems. And in addition to solving those problems he’s also helped me to experience and accept joy and peace when they come along, which is pretty cool.


Alistair was recommended to me after a stressful personal event. I’d known for a long time I wanted to move forward from childhood experiences that were affecting me as an adult, and everything had come to a head.

In our one-to-one sessions, we have worked in many different ways. He has helped me acknowledge and understand childhood trauma and how it’s affected me, doing inner child work, visualisation, reiki and energy work. I also took part in a three-day group workshop not long after starting to see him which was intense but helped me face and work through a lot early on.

Though Alistair has introduced me to these practices, they feel natural and logical, like they’ve been there all along. Though the crisis point has passed, I am continuing to heal and learn and am now working to make my life closer to what I want it to be, and more fulfilling.

The therapy, tools and viewpoints Alistair provides, honestly and supportively, have helped me improve my relationship with myself and others. They are making me aware of dysfunctional (and unhelpful!) thinking or behaviour - how to avoid it altogether or turn in the right direction if I fall into it.

Martina L

Hi Alistair. I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you. In only a few days I have noticed a massive positive change in my attitude to life, myself and others. My mum and Dad continue to be a problem with their love addictive relationship but the way in which I process and deal with that is from a much more functional and self parenting perspective. I will continue to work on my recovery with Mel but I do so with a renewed sense of hope and joy for the future. Thank you again.


I jokingly call Alistair the Shaman of Arnos Grove. Though I'm not entirely sure I'm joking. His approach seems to be a healthy marriage of healing and rigorous psychotherapy.

When I first met Alistair, I thought him gentle and caring. He is. But he's also firm and direct when needed. I got away with nothing under his scrutiny.

After some one-to-one sessions on my childhood trauma and physical abuse by a caregiver, I did the full Trauma Reduction Workshop. I felt safe in Alistair's hands as I faced some of my most powerful memories and images, images that previously could reduce me to a wreck. He guided me professionally through my trauma, providing helpful resources along the way, to a point where I now feel lighter about my past and carry no resentment. I couldn't ask for more.

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson

My name is Mark and I’m 55 years old. Last year my life started to unravel as my wife went into rehab and our marriage started to fall apart. As a result of my wife seeking help, it became apparent that I need help to deal with the childhood trauma’s that had adversely shaped my adult personality. As a child I had suffered badly at the hands of a cruel and violent mother, and had developed a very self-reliant and narcissistic personality in order to survive. My narcissistic personality was the problem that other could see, but of course I couldn’t.

Childhood trauma therapy was recommended and although I couldn’t see the point, an appointment with Alistair Richardson was made. I attended the first session with a healthy dose of scepticism, and fully expected it to be the only session I would have. But I immediately felt comfortable with Alistair in this first meeting and booked a further three sessions. Over the course of about ten sessions Alistair worked on me, unlocking long buried childhood trauma’s and used various technics to allow me to come to terms with them and deal with them. Who would have thought, that the simple action of tapping your thumb and other body parts, could help to transform your mental state. But to my complete surprise, it did.

With Alistair’s help, I have found a deeper happiness in myself, and my life is now back on track.

Mark Haynes

I saw Alistair 5 weeks ago, as he mentioned that a session of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) may help with my long-term allergy symptoms (watery nose and eyes/chronically congested sinuses). I had been suffering with these symptoms for years, with it getting worse during grass pollen season, so seeing Alistair was very much a "it's worth a shot" decision.

I didn't know how EFT could possibly help with allergy symptoms, and I have to admit to being sceptical...but I have been 5 weeks free of any allergy symptoms, even on high pollen count days!

So impressed with his obvious wealth of knowledge on various techniques, and I highly recommend his services.

Cher Hart

Organisations I Have Worked With

Kasnacht Practice
Rosglas Recovery
Priory North London
Sanctuary Lodge
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