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Healing and Re-parenting the inner-child workshop

I have been running survivors trauma healing intensives based on Pia Mellody’s work for 12 years. This includes working for the Priory and top 1 to 1 treatment centres like Rosglas Ireland. I now blend this healing and reparenting approach with EFT tapping, Matrix reimprinting (Karl Dawson), and other techniques. So as to be able to offer a uniquely powerful system for healing and reparenting the inner child. I am now offering training for the first time to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners and to Therapists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists. There will be 3 levels to this training, my first level 1 training will be on 30th April and the 1st May near Greenwich in London and will include:-

  • Overview of developmental immaturity/ codependancy.
  • Healing and reparenting from the authentic self model.
  • Wounded and adapted inner child/parts.
  • Use of Tapping, EFT, and use of intention statements (Steve Wells) to help inner child healing andtransformation.
  • Safety issues, assessment and handling trauma reactions.
  • Demonstrations and practice of inner child work.
  • Multiple ways of resourcing self, client and the inner child.
  • Overview of boundaries personal and professional.
  • The talking and listening boundary to create intimacy and to assess relational trauma.
  • Multiple strategies for getting clients into their emotions and feelings.
  • Differences between healthy shame and toxic shame.
  • Shame binds and how to find, break and heal them.
  • How this work can help with self esteem issues, creation of healthy boundaries, self care,intimacy in relationships and how codependancy underlies all addictions.