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About me

Hello! I’m Alistair Richardson

I specialise in helping people overcome the effects of trauma. childhood trauma, addictions and in helping people achieve success in their lives. Some of my qualifications and trainings are an Msc in Addiction Counselling and Psychology, a certificate in counselling, Post Induction Therapy. EFT trainer Level, Energy EFT Master Practitioner. Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner, Attunement practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher.


Addiction can be to a chemical (e.g. alcohol/drugs) or to a behaviour or process (e.g. sex, shopping, gambling, helping controlling others...

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Love Addiction/ Love Avoidance

Love Addiction/ Love Avoidance

For people who keep having dysfyunctional and addictive relationships , often Love addiction and/or Love Avoidance are the problem. Love Addiction...

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A dysfunctional relationship with self and others caused by childhood trauma. (Pia Mellody) If a child suffers significant trauma or abuse growing...

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Post traumatic stress disorder, Complex PTSD, childhood trauma, developmental trauma, relational trauma are all in the continuum of trauma that I...

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My Methods

Anxiety and depression
Grief and Bereavement
Relationship Issues
Parenting Issues
Mental trauma, child abuse and PTSD psychological issues research and study.
Social anxiety, panic attacs and stress patients treatment based on researches.
Coping with grief, depression because of loss or all types of tragedies & failures.
Intimate, personal romantic relationship callenges discussion and couple therapy.
Working with families, single mothers and children to avoid problematic cases.

what i treat


  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
  • Relationships Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Parenting Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Stress and Lifestyle Management
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Phase of Life Transitions
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I came to the trauma reduction therapy knowing a couple of people who had done something similar and with the strong recommendation of my therapist but otherwise not knowing what to expect.  I left having had one of the most powerful experiences of my life which I am still to fully digest but I know will change it significantly for the better.


Alistair and Shaun were able to guide me through processes of uncovering important aspects of my childhood and myself that until then I was unaware of.  They were able to help me use that information to understand why I have felt the way I have felt and to start to heal the wounds that I have carried until now that at times have been very destructive for myself and others.  It is difficult to put into words how profound an experience this was.


Both Alistair and Shaun possess an astounding level of humanity, empathy and emotional intuition and combined with their ability to work as a team seamlessly and professionally, left me speechless when I was asked what I thought at the end.  Their skill level in such a complex field to work in was beyond anything I could have expected.  They were able to step into my childhood with me, intervening at critical moments to guide the process to clarity and healing leaving me with tools I can use to truly change.  This is such important and valuable work and feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Alistair and Shaun.
I never knew what I was worth.

I worked with Alistair for the first time about 1 year into my sobriety at the Priory's trauma reduction week. The experience was remarkable and it give me a solid, foundational understanding of the trauma I wanted to explore.

At this time, I was also involved in a long-term addictive romantic relationship which proved to be an incredible learning (in hindsight)! This experience became so painful that I ended up returning to Alistair and asking for help on a 1 to 1 basis. I didn't know what outcome I wanted, but I just needed some support.

It's taken time (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly!) but over 2 years or so, I have worked regularly with Alistair to begin healing childhood trauma and have successfully removed myself from that addictive relationship cycle. I feel content and courageous, and most importantly excited about my life! To top it off, Alistair is an absolute joy to work with and I always come away from our sessions feeling so much lighter. Thank you for everything, Alistair.


Dearest Alistair
Today I am healthy, today I am sober, today I am a normal weight with a fully functioning body, today I can look at myself in the mirror, today I can manage my eating, today I am with the love of my love - we are engaged to be married, today I have my family back in my life, today I have a beautiful home, today I have the job of my dreams, today I can be assertive, today I have work/life balance, today I have true friends (that I like!!), today I able to make love (when I chose to), today I can feel my feelings… I know the difference between a feeling, thought and action, today I can leave the house, today I wash, today I help others…. quite a lot of them, nowadays I can sleep through out the night and with the lights off…) well actually I can’t because I have a new born son…. Yes I have a little precious beautiful baby … my “broken battered body and mind was able to heal and co-create, nurture and take care of a baby! And 3 step children. Today I can love…. Alistair I love what you did for me… thank you for changing my life… for giving me one.

Anyone suffering from complex trauma; eating disorders; OCD; addiction; sexual, physical, mental and spiritual abuse and relationship issues…. there IS hope. I worked hard & tried many things … recovery was the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. I was turned away and “written off” by many a therapist… Alistair heard me. Alistair held me and Alistair helped me. He was the missing piece of my recovery program puzzle. Thank you forever, amen

Jo Paschali
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