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Blocks to Success

People have subconscious beliefs that block them from creating success in their lives. Beliefs such as, I am a failure, or I don’t deserve x y or z cause them to sabotage themselves. You also have to be clear on what success means and looks and feels like to you and have it aligned with your values. There is more to creating success than removing these and transforming these. It involves goal setting and action taking.
There is another important component too and that is to do with energy and the Law of Attraction. Emotions are energy….in motion ideally. We all have an energy body and often this needs to be nurtured to create success. There is a scale called the SUE scale (Hartmann) which stands for the subjective units of experience. It goes from -10 through to +10 with zero representing feeling neutral. If people are stressed they would be on the negative side of the scale whilst the plus scale represents various levels of positive energy and emotional states like joy, confidence and Love. When you hear the phrase, ‘raise your vibration,’ it means living in a way that raises you up this scale. You largely attract people and things into your life which match your vibration. So if you feel successful and confident you are more likely to be successful and abundant. There are many practices which raise and maintain your vibration which I can teach you.

  • Emerge the Busy Child by Steven Gilbert

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  • Frequent Stumbling on Happiness by Paula Storm

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  • Hypothetic Depression Killer by Laura Smith

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