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EFT Tapping & Training

This technique also known as ‘Tapping’ or ‘Energy Tapping’ was developed by Gary Craig and inspired from another tapping technique (TFT). You tap on various acupuncture points to release trapped emotions and limiting beliefs. It is like ‘acupuncture for the emotions’ without needles. It can be used to clear trauma very effectively in a number of ways including ‘the tearless trauma technique’ and also to help you cope with the emotional ups and downs of everyday life. It can even clear allergies and relieve physical pain. Gary Craig said, Try it on Everything! Some of the many issues it can help with and resolve are anger management, anxiety, fears, addictions, PTSD, clearing blocks to success, stress relief, bereavement, phobias, insomnia, low self-esteem, self-sabotage….I can teach you to use this for yourself too. I am a trainer in EFT and have helped thousands of people with it for over 18 years.
Not only can you release and resolve ‘the negative’ you can also use EFT to connect with and enhance, ‘the positive,’ to build resources and resilience. To strengthen any quality you would like to experience and express more of including spirituality. It therefore can increase empowerment, connection, love, healing, transformation, freedom and happiness the list is endless. This has been called Positive EFT. In one European country they now teach EFT in every school!
I am trainer level in EFT, and am a Master Practitioner of Energy EFT.

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