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Attunement is a spiritual healing practice and a way of living. Attunement means, ‘to bring into harmony with’. We are human beings….both human and Being. Our Being nature is the Universal Spirit from Divine Source. Attunement then invites the outer self, body, mind and emotions (heart) into harmony with our Inner Being, the radiant Spirit of Love and Truth and Life at our core. A by-product of this is Peace and Healing. Attunement deepens and purifies our connection with Source and when we are in harmony with our radiant centre, love and blessing radiate out into our world. This allows us to connect with and express our Divine Purpose too. Attunement can increase a sense of wellbeing and healing.

Attunement is mostly a non-touch sharing of radiant energy through the hands of the practitioner, over areas of the body, especially the endocrine system. These are seen as portals through which different qualities of Love and Spirit radiate out into our energy field. It is called sharing an attunement because there is an implicit acceptance of the wholeness of both people sharing the attunement. It helps one to connect to and embody one’s Divine Identity, the Truth of Love so actually becomes the Presence of Love!
Sharing attunements helps a person to learn how to remain and live in attunement, in harmony with Life. An attunement can also be shared to enfold a situation or person in supportive Blessing and Love energy. Living in attunement includes a commitment to living by spiritual principles such as love, integrity, honesty, compassion, gratitude, blessing and daily self-care and spiritual practice.

Sparkle to Success:


This includes a number of transformational energy processes divined and developed by Susan Kennard to transform and heal trauma and to raise your vibration, improving the quality of what experiences that you draw into your life. They bring in spiritual healing energies to help with this process, including healing past aspects, inner child parts or ‘echoes’. They include:

The emotional wall process helps you to clear away walls and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward and creating change in your life.

The colour clearing process helps you to bring in qualities of healing and light that can transform emotion and even physical pain.

Soul Re-birthing allows you to clear conception, gestation and birth trauma as well as limiting energetic ancestral patterns you ‘came in with’ and to remember your soul purpose.

Cord cutting helps you to clear any cords of attachment such as resentment or neediness, between you and someone else, leaving only unconditional love or neutrality if the situation calls for that. This also releases any oaths, vows you have made at any time, that cause problems in your relationship.

Clearing and healing of traumatic memories through time travel and healing with your inner child.

The Mirror where you learn to see yourself through the eyes of Love and merge with your Highest Self.

The Projector process helps you to externalise a part of you that needs healing and re-integrates it.Earth star and Soul star meditation to ground, centre and connect you the heavenly and earthly energies.



Reiki means Universal Life force in Japanese. More than just a healing technique for self and others, it was originally taught as a spiritual path, which included living by spiritual principles. One of these is, Just for today, be grateful! I teach Reiki, share Reiki healing with others and also empower and initiate others into being able to channel Reiki themselves, either just for self-healing or to help others as well. I have been teaching and practising Reiki for 23 years now. It can be used to help one heal their inner-child too. I often initiate clients into Reiki to support them in their healing process if it resonates with them.


Rahanni celestial healing his a high vibration healing technique that helps open and heal the heart chakra and can awaken people more to their spirituality.

Theta Healing:

A healing modality that allows the client to receive healing from the highest level and through accessing the Theta brain wave.

Flower essences:

I trained in 1995 as a flower essence practitioner. They fall under the umbrella term of vibrational healing or energy medicine. They can help a person heal emotionally and and connect more with their authentic or Spiritual Self.