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Matrix Re-imprinting

Developed from EFT by Karl Dawson, this is often a more gentle, effective and elegant way to release traumas than ‘just EFT’, to change limiting beliefs for empowering ones and of creating transformation in someone’s life. It involves using EFT with parts, aspects or inner child of the client, which are being held in the energy field of a person and which are called ECHOs in this approach (Energetic Conscious Holograms) This is combined with ideas from Quantum physics and the Law of Attraction. The ECHO is the part of the client which splits off during a trauma and then carries those intense feelings along with a belief they made up at the time like the world is not safe. The ECHO is client in this approach and the person taps on their ECHO in their inner vision whilst the practitioner taps on the physical client, which keeps them dissociated from the ECHO who is carrying the traumatic feelings. ‘The ECHOs are stuck in the freeze response held in our subconscious mind, our personal Matrix. If we can release this freeze, turn off the fight or flight response and safely move the ECHO through the trauma, we’ll reset our current-day response and our bodily systems can let go of the stress.’

Dawson, Karl. Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life: EFT Tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting (Kindle Locations 1064-1067). Hay House UK. Kindle Edition.

When the ECHOs are healed and empowered and the memory changed to an empowering memory, this vision sent out into the Matrix of universal consciousness, i.e ‘The Field’ through visualisation from the heart then causes drastic changes to occur in a person’s life. They will have changed their vibration, their beliefs and what they then draw into their life through the Law of Attraction. If I am filled with Love and I believe the world is safe I will I will attract more Love and experiences into my life which resonate with this. If I am filled with hatred, fear and anger, I will attract more hatred, fearful and angry people/situations into my life.You can even go forward to a future ECHO who has resolved the problem you are faced with and gain wisdom and resources from this, to apply to the present.