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Addiction Counselling

I have worked for 15 years as a specialist addiction professional in private rehab centres, as a live in therapist and in private practice, helping thousands of people to overcome addiction of all kinds and move into sustainable recovery. I help empower people to break free from and abstain from their addictions. I also help the client to heal the underlying causes and contributary factors to addiction, such as co-dependency, trauma, negative beliefs and low self-esteem through trauma healing work, energy psychotherapy and spiritual connection work, allowing people to feel inner-peace and focus on success in their lives….in whatever way that works for them. I help people to assess whether or not they are suffering from an addiction too!
I recommend that people with serious addiction problems also join a support group to help themselves. A serious addiction cannot be beaten ‘alone’. Sometimes a client might need to go to a rehab centre to detox and gain some stability as a foundation for their recovery.
I also help the families of people with addiction to heal from the effects of being in a relationship the person at the centre of concern, stop trying to control them and teach them how to protect themselves and support their loved one’s recovery process.
I particularly enjoy helping people who are already in recovery from addiction who are struggling, to go to the next level in their recovery.