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Spiritual Problems

Feeling disconnected from Life, Source, God, the Divine, your Higher Power? Problems with lack of faith, hope, purpose or are you suffering from religious addiction? Are you being affected by negative spiritual influences? Do you need help in learning how to pray in a way which works for you or how to meditate? Are you wanting to receive more inspiration or be more creative? Do you want to embody and express your Authentic Spiritual Self and to bring more Truth and Love to your world and relationships. Do you need spiritual and energy healing or want to learn to heal others? Do you try and ‘be perfect’ and supress or hide your shadow or dark side? Do you have a distorted view of God as you understand God because of your childhood trauma and conditioning? Do you want to be more spiritual but don’t believe in the Divine?

All these are spiritual issues. I have helped thousands of people connect to a Higher Power of their own understanding or to live by spiritual principles in their lives over the last 25 years. If you would like help in this area please contact me.

  • Emerge the Busy Child by Steven Gilbert

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  • Frequent Stumbling on Happiness by Paula Storm

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  • Hypothetic Depression Killer by Laura Smith

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